President Barack Obama's illusionary luster to rule the world turned to rust Friday morning as Olympic officials eliminated his pitch for the 2016 summer Olympic games on the first ballot.

The defeat came as a stunning surprise after Obama, the first lady, Oprah Winfrey, and an assortment of other political hangers on, confident in Obama's ability to work his charm for his home city dismally failed.

The Ego Has Landed: Obama returns home empty handed after failing in his bid to capture the 2016 Olympics for Chicago, games go to Rio - What would you expect; he spent most of his waking hours outside D.C. bad-mouthing and apologizing for the U.S. The IOC probably took him at his word and decided they didn't want the games in such a crappy place as Obama has made the U.S. to be. But The One, who believed his presence, and a few words was all that was necessary, found out in one big hurry today: THE U.S. ISN'T ABOUT YOU, OBAMA; Nor does the world revolve around you More

At great taxpayer expense, the Obama's flew to Copenhagen to exercise his perceived 'personal' charm on the International Olympic Committee on Chicago's behalf.

There's no question, Obama burned a lot of personal and political capital in the high profile attempt.

The committee didn't give it's reasons in the vote, but there's little question that the city's reputation for political corruption and organized crime played a role in the rejection.

Or, did the committee feel unacceptable pressure from such a personal, high profile attempt to 'force' a favorable decision?

Whatever the reason, everybody in the U.S. lost in one way or another by the President's vain attempt at influencing the international community on the 2016 sports games.