The Facts: Obama lies every time he opens his mouth. Democrats support him and the mainstream media protects him. Why? Their reputations and political agendas are at stake. They supported Obama from the git-go. And since Democrats and many Republicans covet Big Government, capitalism is not a serious issue so long as those politicians retain their seats of power.

Obama lied about his Stimulus Package, saying it was for banking and our infrastructure. Obama lied about Obama Care, telling us it would save the average family $2,500 a year. Obama lied about reducing the National Debt.

Obama lied about Libya, Israel, Egypt, and Syria. Obama lied about his relationship with CAIR and The Muslim Brotherhood. Obama lied about Benghazi. Obama lied about his birth certificate. Obama lied about his friendships with Reverend Wright and Bill Ayers.

Obama lied about that nuclear deal and his secret dealings with Iran. Obama promotes racial strife against our police departments and our Armed Forces.  Barack Hussein Obama is a Marxist and a Muslim sympathizer.

The DNC and the RNC do not represent we the people, just themselves and Big Brother.

Agenda 21, Islam, and disruptive crybaby students should be expelled from school.

Halve the EPA and disband Education. Boycott the anti-American news media. Kick the UN out of the USA. All lives matter – so does God and country!!