Yet few have any thoughts of doing so. Most of them simply do not know what the Constitution says.  Others do know, and just disregard it.  Consequently practically all of our laws, as well as governmental rules and regulations, are unconstitutional. 

And, as if that isn’t bad enough, we have conservatives/constitutionalists who are threatening the very existence of our Constitution. Most are doing so inadvertently; they are simply misinformed.   Sad to say, however, some are actually plants who give the impression of being on the right side but who are purposefully dedicated to destroying our Constitution. They properly state a problem, such as our overwhelming national debt, and then call for the wrong solution - a Constitutional Convention (Con Con)

One example is calling for a Con Con in order to pass a Balanced Budget Amendment. (BBA)   But there are no rules as to what a Con Con can do. Once convened anything goes.  It is unlikely that it would result in a BBA being passed; it could even result in totally scrapping the whole Constitution and replacing it with a socialist style constitution with Sharia Law.

However, aside from all that, is a BBA a good idea?   The underlying problem is certainly correct. Our national debt is staggering.  We desperately need to have a reduced and balanced budget. So what’s wrong with wanting an amendment requiring it?

ŸFirst off - Would that do any good? Since our legislators don't pay any attention to the Constitution that we have, why do we think they would 

abide by that amendment? Since they don't honor other parts of the Constitution, why do we think they would honor the report? If there might be 

set to only abide by the parts they agree with and ignore the rest, I think they were would do differently if there was a BBA?

Since our legislators don’t pay attention to the Constitution that we have, why do we think they would abide by that amendment?  Since they 

don’t honor other parts of the Constitution, why do we think they would honor that part? If their mind set is to only abide by the parts they agree 

with and ignore the rest, why think they would do differently if there were a BBA?  

The most conservative estimates are that at least 80%, and probably much more than that, of the laws that we currently have are unconstitutional 

and that is the crux of the problem. The BBA would not change that.

But let’s say that there is a BBA and there are legislators who are actually committed to honoring it. Yet those voting on the budget can’t agree 

on spending cuts - which is reasonable to expect since that is tFounder's Cornerhe norm. What would happen then? What does the BBA require?  It would be 

mandatory to raise taxes or print or borrow money.  Those intent on increasing the power and size of government would delight in refusing to cut 

spending, then demand a tax raise in order to meet the balanced budget requirement. 

Higher taxes, loopholes for increased federal spending and no requirement that expenditures conform to constitutional limits on congressional 

power are a powerful punch that could be the death of the American middle class - all in the name of balancing the budget.

The solution?  Legislators who will honor the Constitution that we already have. When that happens we will automatically have a balanced

If legislators were to abide by the Constitution in the first place, we would have a balanced budget and not need a 

Of course that will not come easily. But it is not as daunting as it may seem.  In the House of Representatives, 218 people are a majority.  The House controls the purse. No budget can pass without those votes.  In the Senate the majority is 51.  A slightly higher number can override a presidential veto. You do the math.  Just that small a number of people could totally turn things around.

We need to enforce, not revise our Constitution.

In the meanwhile, please contact your state elegate and senator and request that they vote NO to petitioning Congress to call a constitutional convention for obtaining a Balanced Budget Amendment.   That would be opening a Pandora’s box  for an unworthy cause. 

We need to enforce, not revise our Constitution.

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