Judeo-Christian belief flies in the face of Big Brother. There can be no higher authority than government. So Jews and Christians are ridiculed and looked down upon. The Quran goes three steps further: Submit to Allah, pay tribute as a second call citizen, or face the sword. 

Guns: Obama preaches gun control every other breath. Why? If one owns a weapon, you’re making a statement as an individual.  Big Brother doesn’t tolerate individuals. An individual will defend themselves. Progressives tell us to call the cops or just pee your pants when faced with danger – this progressive brilliance comes from the University of Colorado. 

Global Warming: This political BS is Obama’s mantra. Like Obama Care, it’s another liberal scheme for redistribution of our wealth. Obama Care was supposed to make insurance cheaper and better. It sank like the Titanic. Global warming is another big fat lie intended to give Big Brother greater control. 

New Normal: 30 hour workweek. College grads are flipping burgers. 95,000,000 Americans are out of work. 50% of those who do work make $30,000 or less. Welfare is through the roof. Illegals are coming out our ears. We’re $18,000,000,000,000 in debt. Another recession is looming in 2016. Political correctness scampers all over the capitol. And Islamic Jihad is knocking on the door. But don’t worry.  Obama tells us it’s only workplace violence.  

Things are going to hell in a handbag. The wheels are coming off. Meanwhile, the elites in Smoke & Mirrors Land are living the life of Riley. And it’s our job to deal with all this incompetent insanity. Thank you, Mister President!