Dummy up!

The game is on. The fight over light rail coming to Virginia Beach has begun as a ballot issue.

The question "Should the City Council adopt an ordinance approving the development and financing of the proposed Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Naval Base Light Rail transit project?" has been registered to be put to a vote on whether citizens of Virginia Beach want light rail.

A campaign initiative has begun to see what the citizens want. It's obvious the politicians loyal to Mayor Will Sessoms are committed to the project at taxpayers' expense.

Sessoms, of course, said after the fact that he was sorry during his campaign that he had committed to holding a referendum. But during the campaign he is also on the record as saying that he will support the results of any referendum.

Was the latter statement a campaign lie? Considering Sessoms is noted for being integrity-challenged and lacking ethical actions on commitments he's made, there's little reason to trust anything he says when it comes to backing his campaign statements.

An organizational meeting to campaign for the referendum has been scheduled. Read Wally Erb's "Light Rail referendum petition drive begins" blog for details.