Another fact that has been suppressed is the dramatic increase of male on male sexual assault. Can anyone be surprised considering the lunacy of allowing homosexuals to serve openly and flamboyantly?

Truly, for those honorable and noble men and women who have chosen to serve this country, these recent social experiments are a devastating blow, a deliberate mockery and demoralizing force. 

When contacting Senator Kaine’s office I was told he fully supports women in combat because “he supports equality”. I couldn’t contain my burst of laughter, as I asked, “seriously???”

To those of us who have not drunk the kool-aid of politically correct insanity, it is abundantly clear women and men are completely and beautifully different, a perfect and divinely created complement to one another. 

Feminists love to scream about the “war on women” while at the same time advocate that sisters, mothers, and daughters experience the real terrors of war. 

Pressing further with Senator Kaine’s snarky constituency assistant I asked what kind of man would not be distracted by a female counterpart being wounded or captured? He responded that these men are “professionals”, they would be trained to override those concerns and focus on the mission at hand. 

I contend that to ‘train’ men to quit being men, to suppress the innate and wholesome characteristic of PROTECTING women and children is to foment a dangerous loss in national character devoid of chivalry, nobility, honor, integrity and respect.