“And I’m going to do all I can in my remaining tenure  to disarm all Americans.  I will  to do this by circumventing the Constitution and Congress if I have to, but I am getting the job done. 

“If I get all legally owned weapons away from Americans, there will be fewer stolen guns available on the black market for criminals.  Criminals breaking into the homes of legal gun owners is causing the proliferation of guns on the black market, leading to a growing ‘black-on-black’ murder rate in this country.  Particularly in my hometown of Chicago,” Obama said. 

The Reverend Jesse Jackson praised Obama’s announcement.  Speaking as though he had a mouth full of oatmeal, Jackson said linking MLK Day with Obama Day is ‘genius.’   “It gives the blacks in this nation a dual reason to really celebrate.” 

Income tax scofflaw The Reverend Al Sharpton, also took to the podium to give his unqualified support to Obama, who has refused to prosecute him for his criminal tax evasion.  “This is an event of historical proportions,” Sharpton told the crowd.  "This would have never been possible had Mitt Romney been elected.  And we know that if Donald Trump gets elected it would be a cold day in hell before we would see such presidential action. 

“We need a strong president like Obama to start getting guns off the street so they can’t be obtained by criminals to kill our people,” Sharpton said. 

Obama said the decree will become effective next year along with MLK day and be a part of the national holiday honoring him and MLK.  

He concluded by saying, “Allah bless America!”