He shares Clinton and Bernie Sanders' view of how government should run your lives. He's a big 'nanny government' man, wants to limit size of soft drinks and confiscate your guns.

This may not be as off-the-wall as you think – – this has been very weird political season as Trump races toward the GOP nomination, threatening the security of entrenched congressional politicians who fear his election would be their undoing. (And we can only hope it will be).

This is resulting in high level political conspiracies in the GOP power-ranks to come up with ways to derail Trump’s candidacy. 

So think about it: Could this political theory possibly be able to play out with Bloomberg? After all he holds all the same policy positions as Clinton and Bernie Saunders and he has the money to finance such a race.  Should that happen the only saving grace would be that Trump’s momentum will be so strong Bloomberg could not catch up. 

If it comes about, remember you heard it here at Virginia News Source first.