One can certainly make the case that NATO was a success, given the outcome of the Cold War. But does that mean that it remains relevant? Would continued membership possibly set us up for a military conflict of no importance to America's global interests? 

Recall that back in the 90s we found ourselves dragged into the Balkans when the Europeans could not handle the conflict that erupted over the break up of Yugoslavia.

This conflict, which had nothing to do with European or American security, eventually involved the US bombing Serbian Christians to save Bosnian Muslims, the latter now turned against us.  

While discussing military alliances, let's even consider the one-time, very successful "special relationship" between the US and UK, something with which I have first-hand experience.

Regrettably, it has all but been destroyed by the Obama Administration, but is it even worth re-establishing? How would the British react were we to have a president who takes a harder line against Islamic terrorism, particularly to the point of halting the immigration of Muslims to this country? 

I cannot admit to having studied all the pro's & con's of the issue, but I have begun to have serious doubts as to whether the US should remain bound to any military alliance, much less NATO. America can no longer afford to be either the world's policeman or its sugar daddy.

This is not meant to suggest we necessarily adopt an isolationist policy, but American policy makers must consider return on investment when it comes to military alliances. 

We saved Europe from itself three times the last century. Are we willing to accept young Americans being sacrificed to save that continent from its self-induced follies once again, particularly given the current European attitude and policies toward the spread of Islamic influence throughout the continent? 

Europe has a serious problem that its current leadership cannot or will not address, primarily because those in leadership positions have become wrapped around the axle of political correctness.

Sadly, there appears to be no potential Charles Martel who will assume the lead to stop the Moors' advance upon Europe. Even sadder: it may be too late. 

America can ill afford to allow itself to be dragged down by Europe. Withdrawal from NATO would ensure that does not happen.