It wasn’t enough that the school was willing to try to accommodate such persons in separate bathroom facilities. No siree, that was discriminatory by not allowing this young woman to use the boy’s bathroom with whom she identifies as her gender “peers”. 

Rather than get this confused young woman the mental and emotional health care that she obviously needs, the entire community now has to revolve around her tragic mental illness.

Now the department store Target has announced that they will not be discriminating against any sexually confused person’s desire to use any bath or dressing room they “identify” with. 

So when you let your delicate little girl go to the Ladies Room, if there is a beastly man in there “identifying” as a woman there’s not a thing you can do about it. 

Even though some of these perverts have been caught with a cell phone perched over or under the stall, we all must embrace this insanity or else…

From Breitbart:

“Totalitarianism is about using force to gain political goals. You can’t get more coercive than forcing the vast majority of people to endorse the utterly bizarre just to accommodate the allegedly hurt feelings of an almost undetectably small percentage of the population.”

“To make progressives appear sane, all the world must be driven mad; to make them appear noble, all the world must be humiliated by them...”