Which crook got the money in 'ghost' oyster shell scam? Maybe the FBI should follow the money in the great oyster scam of 2014.

Beach auditor finds mismanaged city council has spent more than $600,000 on a nonexistent oyster restoration plan for the Lynnhaven River.

Oyster shells collected from restaurants have been piling up unused for 6 years. Council has appropriated $644,000 since 2002 for the Oyster Heritage Plan - a plan city auditor Lyndon Remias says doesn’t exist - a ghost-money hole of tax dollars.

Furthermore the city doesn’t have a written plan or contract with any of the various organization allegedly involved, for collecting money, managing the program -- only doing nothing.

City officials responsible the fraudulent charade, started ducking for cover after the audit was released and could not be found for comment or explanation.

This was a project of guided by former city manager Jim Spore.

For more information read: The complete Audit Report