On one occasion at Frank W.  Cox High School, Dianna Howard, one of the city's most experience activists and a member of both the TLP and the Tea Party, during a special formal council session on April 21 asked Davenport why bus service isn’t being expanded to serve the city's transportation needs. 

Davenport responded that there’s no demand for expanded bus service, she told VNS. She then asked him if there’s no demand now, ‘why will there be demand for it later?’ 

Beatrice (Petey) Browder was standing behind Howard ‘when i hear Ben Davenport call Dianna a liar.’  At that point Browder whips out her telephone and starts recording the conversation. 

And when pressed by Howard, Davenport says, “Well it’s (hesitation) now that I know the way you are, I’m not going to say anything in front of you.”  He then stammers, “it was a mis-statement that I wasn’t (uh) well I uh , I …" 

Howard asked, “What do you think you said?” 

Davenport replied, “I don’t even recall and I have a lot of conversations, but I can tell you that’s not what we talked about. 

Browder interjected, “Well answer the question now.” 

Davenport looked at Browder and responded, “Petey, go to hell, you, you…” and walked away. 

On another occasion at Salem Middle School town hall, Davenport seemed confused and started talking about rain and ‘blazing’ sun and bus shelters instead of transportation needs. 

Davenport did not respond to request for comments.