As a result, there are indeed contemporary religions that do not profess any superhuman idol(s). Some merely exalt man and honor his "carnal nature, pride, liberty, and individualism." So it is with this new religion, worshipping the same attributes on the altar of social and sexual extremes.

It also preaches that all others professing rights and moral conscience endowed by a "Creator" (as described in our Declaration) must now sacrifice all free exercise in public places and policy. Shrouded in fabricated legalese to "protect the state from religion", it claims exclusive rights for reforming society in its own image with all the characteristics of religious dogma and convictions... minus a Creator.

Nor does it need a church. Throughout history, the most sacred institution has not been buildings. It has been marriage and the family: husband, wife, father, mother, and children. These relationships have been foundational to society and morality, valued above all other earthly communions, and have even been used to describe God, Christ, and the church itself. They are inseparable and eternal.

Yet, what has inundated the newsworthy sermons of this global religion? Marriage reformation, gender neutrality, and abortion. Their creed is clear. Along with Creator, the sacred institutions of family must be transformed – or discarded – for this new denomination to dominate as a veiled state religion, complete with a Judiciary that "shall make law respecting its establishment and free public exercise thereof."

Expedient to this end, the government serves as god and the courts become their temples to keep believers and infidels alike in strict adherence – all according to new scripture carefully crafted in judicial decrees. There is no higher authority in their priesthood, no recourse but conformity. 

The intolerant piety is disguised behind a host of benign titles like Planned Parenthood, Human Rights Campaign, and the Freedom From Religion Foundation, but their religious order can best be called LAWSUITARIAN based on their primary form of evangelism. They have missionaries everywhere, and they don't passively knock on doors. They force their way in.

This is how the American founders envisioned laws creating a state religion to wrest power and self-determination from the people, just as their former King had fashioned his own autocratic quasi-religion. If American citizens now envision that silence and submission will correct the travesty, soon nothing sacred or democratic will be left.