VNS Endorses Scott Taylor for 2nd District Congressman

staylorScott Taylor is the only choice for second district representative in Tuesday's election.

VNS’ endorsement is based on the fact that 4th District Congressional Rep. Randy Forbes is a Chesapeake-based carpetbagger lumped by the courts into a heavily black district and out of the safety of his longtime which district.  He is jumping from a district he is represented for years, maybe we should just say he was elected in the 4th District, but only provided little representation to his constituents.

2nd District Rep. Scott Rigell unexpectedly announced he was stepping down from that seat. That gave Rep. Forbes the opportunity he was looking for to jump districts, hopefully be reelected in the 2nd district, and continue his “do nothing” congressional career.

In other words he showed no loyalty and abandoned his integrity to constituents in his old 4th to try to assure his reelection. His only goal is to remain elected.

His entire campaign has been about running down Scott Taylor, a X-Navy SEAL with a distinguished patriotic record serving the U.S.

Its doubtful if Forbes on the other hand, has even worn a Boy Scout uniform, but in his slimy campaign ads, he touts his father’s ‘great’ service during WWII.

Voters of the 2nd district should retire his pubic service June 14 and elect a real American public servant, Scott Taylor to Congress.  We don’t need any more ‘do-nothing’ service from a RINO and establishment DC politician. VOTE TUESDAY!