Should we be surprised at the maiming and slaughter of nearly 100 people in a ‘gay’ bar in Orlando? Not when that Orlando mosque hosted an imam who declared in April, that killing gays, according to Islamic law, should be done "out of compassion", “…death is the sentence that we know. There is nothing to be embarrassed about this. Death is the sentence.” 

Why do the media and western governments hide and protect Islam? Why don’t they show the truth about Muslims throwing homosexuals off of buildings, their sex slave trade of little boys and girls, the crucifixion of Christians and those they burn alive in cages who refuse to convert, the subjugation of women, the astounding rapes and murders in every nation they have invaded in the last years under the Trojan Horse of ‘refugees’? [Editor’s Note:  Don’t forget the cruelty of ‘melting’ 20 men in a cage in a vat of acid to kill them - the ultimate cruelty.] 

When DOJ head, Loretta Lynch states, "And so we want to make sure that every community in the United States knows that they, (Muslims), are under our protection…", when she has confiscated the 911 recordings of that horrible night in Orlando and is actively editing them to protect Islam, what are we to think? 

I think Obama is a Muslim overthrowing our nation from within, that while we refuse to declare war with Islam, they have declared war with us, that Islam is a weapon of global domination.