I’m just sayin’.   

The news reports Wednesday showed House Democrats staging a sit-in to try to advance their idiotic grandstanding on gun control. 

If you watched closely,they looked like a bunch of fat-assed seals as they tried to get down on the floor of the house.  One ole woman hikeed her dress up mid-fat thigh high and leader of the group GA Rep. John Lewis looked like a bloated gray-back gorilla clumsily trying to flop down.  

Others stood around looking like frogs in a hail-storm batting their eyes, trying to figure out how they were going to join the others in a pile of mutant humanity on the floor.  

The display made presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’s case that Washington is ‘BROKE,’ self-centered, juvenile, useless - - politically inept and pathetic. It was a pathetic show of political stupidity.  God bless the stupid bastards. 

If they represent the best the Democrat leadership has to offer in Congress, we’re in real trouble.  Vote all incumbents out of office.  They’re sick people.