4. This is followed by the city at large which supports its neighborhoods to assure the resources, unity, and stability necessary for the society as a whole. 

5. Finally, the states were given unique and unlimited constitutional powers over the federal government to meet the specific needs of their cities and citizens.

So, do we now wonder why the fabric of civility, security, stability, and morality are breaking down at an alarming rate? We shouldn't:

1. The federal government has incrementally redefined the foundations of family to profess and promote "alternative" minority lifestyles, mandating same-sex matrimony as a sacred institution and, through recent rulings and laws, neutralizing sexual gender identity within marriage, family, children, and the public policies of cities and schools. It also mandated abortion-on-demand, piously devaluing and eroding the sanctity of life as it relates to both children and parents, and undermining sexual accountability and responsibility inherent to the heart of family and childbirth.

2. The government has repressed Judeo-Christian ideals and ideology from public policy and education, erasing the most non-political and charitable element of social unity and compassion. As such, it has divided our neighborhoods and cities among secular self-serving political and often corrupt factions at the expense of families, children, and the majority of the population.

3. The government has sought to appease the breakdown of culture in inner-city neighborhoods, skirting issues of crime, drugs, violence, and the breakdown of family and faith to promote a politically expedient victim and entitlement mentality. A cancer of political correctness prohibits introspection and action on the core problems of minorities and government incompetence, instead relegating the blame for such issues to outside influences and the rest of the population including law enforcement which is now the target of premeditated assassinations.

4 & 5. The government has threatened cities and states to obedience to these federal mandates and manipulations at the expense of common sense and real solutions, and have summarily disqualified democratically-enacted state laws and public referendums to restore social sanity as "prejudiced" against the government's will, forcing all of the above on the nation as a whole regardless of consequences and the will of the people.

As a result, we are seeing the escalating depravity, corruption, and brutality of a nation "of the government, by the government, and for the government". And every entity underneath their thumb – from family to church to neighborhood to city to state – is being crushed under the weight of social confusion, disorder, and violence.

Indeed, the government has become the enemy of community and constitution which our founding fathers often professed as their greatest fear. 

If autocratic leadership, bureaucracies, and judges are not now purged from our democratic institutions, it is inevitable as Abraham Lincoln warned that, "the people will have ceased to be their own rulers."