Paul Ryan hurries forward to receive his marching orders while Nancy Pelosi warbles like the love-sick peahen she is, seeking audience with Barack Hussein Alinsky.

Black Lives Matter is a left wing hate (read domestic terrorist) group, funded by George Soros, so Obama invited them to the White House for crumpets and tea. 

CAIR is a Muslim hate organization, so Obama had them over for fried goat slow roasted over camel chips. Al Sharpton is a con man and a scalawag – he’s been to the White House about 100 times.

We’re victims, they all wail, so the cops are shot down like mad dogs. 

Meanwhile the Democrats and our partisan communist press refuse to call this a hate crime. 

White Privilege is at fault, they tell us, and Christians and veterans and Jews. Lady Liberty is a dirty leg. Uncle Sam is a blue meanie. It’s our turn to bite the bullet.

What more could go wrong, you ask? Hillary Rodham Clinton as Commander in Chief!!! 

AC DC has a song they call Highway to Hell. It’s a catchy tune. I like it. You should listen sometime. That’s where we’re headed unless Donald Trump is elected president come November.

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