Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty will become a memory only read about in the history books. Our republic will achieve Third World status in every possible way. Democrats will rule Washington with an iron fist, while Republicans will be relegated to minority status on a permanent basis. We shall be governed by the United Nations and the World Court. Property rights will be a thing of the past, freedom of speech will end, and anyone not adhering to a politically correct attitude will be taken away for reeducation or extermination.

We will live in large communes in central cities. There will be no more automobiles, only those used by our government officials. Bicycles will become the norm for transportation. Our Armed Forces will be reduced to a small force for controlling hot spots around the globe. You will not be allowed outside your fenced central city location. Taxation will exceed 50% of every income.

Ayn Rand predicted all of this back in the 1930s. George Orwell followed suit in the 1940s. We know what Stalin and Mao did in Russia and China. Today we see Barack Obama laying the groundwork right here in America. A vote of Clinton is a vote for American slavery.