Law enforcement under local control is unique in history: and, because of it we have been able to remain a free nation. But the power-hungry want federal control of law enforcement: it is needed to establish martial law as the means to establish a dictatorship.  A separate national police force is one means of doing this but not the only way.

Another way, which is subtle, is to leave the local police forces intact but regulate and control them at the national level.     First, the police departments are given grant money. Then, they are given regulations.   If they resist compliance, they are then told that the grant money will be taken away.   By then, departments are dependent on the grants and are prone to succumbing.

Then too, there is the tactic of suing police departments on the false charge of Police Brutality or the politically correct Police Prejudice.                                                 


The way this works is the Civil Rights Division at the Department of Justice files a suit against a city, county or state, alleging constitutional and civil rights violations by the police, and the local government simply agrees, resulting in wide-reaching policy changes being imposed on local police via the federal court order.So far, 30 police jurisdictions have adopted federal rules as a result of such federal lawsuits. Thus, while having the appearance of being a local department, police departments become the equivalent of a federal agency.

And, as if that isn’t enough, the United Nations is being brought into the fray.   Never mind that the UN Peacekeeping military troops are responsible for worldwide raping and the exploiting of children, the UN is  working to usurp more influence over American national police forces, with the UN bringing together more than 100 national police chiefs at its first-ever UN “Chiefs of Police Summit” (UN COPS). The scheming comes less than two years after UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called on local police forces in the United States to comply with what he cryptically referred to as “international standards.”

Add to that the drive to merge law enforcement departments which would consolidate power rather than the far preferable defusing of it. Smaller and beleaguered more rural departments are urged to combine with the larger urban departments.   As conditions worsen, this becomes more appealing. But, the larger urban departments are more apt to follow the dictates of the federal government. Just as regional governing bodies influence local Boards of Supervisors, thus is the influence of the overpowering larger police departments over the smaller ones.  And, thus is the loss of local control bit by bit.  

The loss of respect for our police greatly demoralizes them and results in their incurring injury and death. We have the means to help set the record straight when police incidents occur and misinformation abounds.  

Our committee is dedicated to letting our officers know that we appreciate them and that we have their backs. And, by educating the citizens as to the overall designs of the would-be-destroyers of our republic, we can preserve our freedoms.

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