UVA has refused and UARF advised Sullivan and UVA, their refusal and response is not one allowed in the Code of Virginia [ §  2.2-3700 / 2.2-3704  / 2.2- 3713 / 42.1.86 nor 42.1-87] ...'or recognized by Virginia’s Court on High, you have denied UARF and myself the rights [as we have set out in our written request to examine those records (attached hereto) we have made to you this day] we were given for access to the records. 

“For these reasons I am presenting you with a copy of both our notice of intent to file a Petition for a Writ of Injunction and a copy of the petition itself as we are required to do under Virginia Code Section 2.2-3713.”

The notice for a Writ for Injunction was filed on Sullivan Tuesday morning in her office in Charlottesville by Donald Edwards, of Virginia Beach, vice president, economic development, research and oversight and forensic evidence fellow of the UARF. 

Such notice has to be served a minimum of 3 days before the suit can be filed in court.  It is set to be filed in a Virginia Beach court within the next week to 10-days. 

UVA - a public private flagship and research university - has been under attack by legislators and former rector Helen Dragas of Virginia Beach over ofa secretive $2.3 BILLION ‘slush fund.’  

Several legislators want details on how operating balances were transferred to create the  $2.3 billion Strategic Investment Fund. The legislators have filed letters seeking information from the attorney general, inspector general, and auditor of public accounts.  They are asking for a 10-year accounting ledger for the sources and originally approved uses for the money. 

Dragas alleges the university created a 'slush fund' to spend on projects designed to enhance the university’s national reputation rather than using operating surpluses to lower tuition for Virginia students." 

Some have suggested UVA has been squirreling the funds away to eventually take the University private, similar to the ivy league colleges. 

UARF is seeking to get to the base of the problem through the FOIA suit.