In addition, COS made up the convention rules and appointed themselves as administrator, secretary, and parliamentarian. The proceedings of the mock convention show  that neither COS, nor the delegates they hand-picked to carry out their scheme, understand that our Constitution clearly states in Article V that the only role the states have is to apply to Congress and it is then Congress that makes the call and determines how the delegates are chosen.

COS has been carrying out a well-greased public relations campaign and exerting pressure at the state level to convince state legislators, as illogically as it may seem, that changing the US Constitution is the only way to rein in the out-of-control federal government that refuses to follow the Constitution we have now.

COS has claimed success by staging a rigged convention which they bill as a practice run that proves nothing except how millions of dollars can be used to manipulate legislators into voting for a Constitutional Convention and role playing any idea, even one that could throw out our Constitution.