Monday’s Town Center ground breaking for yet more taxpayer subsidized apartments and retail with additional taxpayers' direct investments in yet another plaza and pedestrian sky crossing speaks volumes of why we need to elect a new City Council.

“Is there a shortage of apartments in Virginia Beach? No!

“Is there a shortage of retail in Virginia Beach? No!

“Should taxpayers be subsidizing apartments and retail to compete with businesses not receiving subsidies? No!

“Is there a shortage of City Council members willing to act in the public's best interest and be good stewards of our tax dollars? Yes!

“Do we have higher priorities than subsidizing apartments and retail in Town Center? Yes!

“Only you as a voter can prevent more City Council votes for misplaced priorities.

“Dane Blythe - At large
“Jessica Abbott - Kempsville
“Robert Dean - Rose Hall

“Vote No on light rail

“Vote out the incumbents

“Your Vote can make Virginia Beach better for everyone not just for special interests.”

Virginia News Source knows all of Moss’ endorsements as reputable candidates … people of integrity and free from criminal activity, unlike Mayor Will Sessoms and Councilwoman Shannon Kane, who broke the law by getting city firemen to erect her campaign signs.

Vote like your billfold depends on it … it does. 

The incumbents have all voted for every tax and fee increase to come before them.  Let’s stop it now!