Who does Virginia News Source endorse?  Anyone but Sessoms. Either former Councilman Don Weeks or beach businessman R.K. (Rick) Kowalewitch are recommended. Both are honorable men who'll put the 'public' back in public service.

Weeks served 1-term on council, but was ousted by Sessoms and his developer cabal, who were under attack by Weeks' committment to public - no private - service.  His political enemies exist only to continue to suck at the public funding ‘teat.” None of whom have any interest in the public.

Kowalewitch has been a rabble rousing oceanfront-based businessman who has yelled loud and long about the political shenanigans by Virginia Beach officialdom.  

He was instrumental, if not the driving force, behind getting a special state and FBI government corruption investigation launched against Sessoms, certain developers, and other members of council.

While the state investigation only succeeded in convicting Sessoms, its information was turned over the the feds for its continued investigation.

A special government corruption federal grand jury was seated in May and as far as is known, continues to this day.  It is investigating government corruption in Norfolk and Virginia Beach. Kowalewitch declines to discuss his involvement, but indictments against Virginia Beach officials and developers are expected.

Therefore:  We respect and support both Weeks and Kowalewitch to replace our criminal mayor.

No matter where you live in Virginia Beach, you can vote for any council candidate, the office of mayor, and against Light Rail.