As Virginia News Source prepares to sign off, we can’t do that without noting that the publisher and VNS and the staff actively opposed Norfolk’s and the area’s establishment politicians’ and crooks’ attempt to jam light rail down the throats of the citizens of Virginia Beach at all costs from the very beginning. 

That effort was soundly defeated in last Tuesday’s election by 57% of the voters. 

The campaign was built on LIES by corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and news media:

  1. Light rail was never about transportation - all studies showed it would not reduce traffic by 1 vehicle  
  2. The development was only to benefit the politically-connected crooked politicians and  developers - not the public - the public was never a consideration for planners
  3. Norfolk's original plan over-projected ridership - never likely to pay for costs - without major subsidies
  4. And it under projected costs by millions to illegally get state and federal dollars and SUCK in the public 

When Norfolk realized what a loser it had, it immediately tried to sell the project to beach voters - through the city’s crooked, self-serving politicians, as a great deal to get financial help for Norfolk’s financial failure.  It would have been a great deal, but only for the politicians and their money-grubbing, tax-dollar stealing friends and developers

The likes of former councilman Robert Dean, his merry band of tax protectors, and Johnny-Come-Lately city treasurer, John Atkinson, are the real heroes for the people - not the pro-light rail group headed by convicted criminal, Mayor Will Sessoms - they are all just disappointed thieves

And oh, yeah, The Virginian-Pilot moaned the loudest with a barrage of so-called news stories and editorials based on faked facts and contorted logic.  

The Pilot should stick to what it does best:  Write stories about the erection of stop signs in Tidewater. Pathetic rag of so-called news.