"I also look at the numerous pleas for funding from each camp. Despite the fact that the Democrats have a lot of money, there is a lot of desperation for more money. More than there is on Trump’s side. Much of his contributions are going to down ballot candidates  rather than for him individually. 

"Hillary is taking a lot of hits from the scandals released by WikiLeaks and there is more to come. Anyone else would be indicted or jailed by now, proving she is part of a corrupt system.  She has tried to divert this attention with attempted sensationalism about Trump’s sex life. Many people in the public world don't seem to give a damn about these sex charges. 

"Trump has made some serious mistakes in speaking, but I'm not sure they are fatal. Just like in the primary race, everything that was launched at him seemed to not have any impact on his ability to move forward. 

"Consequently, my long time observations of politics lead me to find indications that people will ignore Hillary and go for Trump. I just returned from a 464 mile trip extending from Tidewater to East Tennessee. We counted only three Hillary signs in Virginia and Tennessee on the entire trip (and they were in a Negro ghetto in Blackstone, VA). I have gotten similar reports from other areas of the South. 

"If these observations are valid, the Democrats could be looking at a major surprise on election day. We can only hope so. And I hope my conclusion of a potential landslide is accurate. 

"Questions? Comments? All are welcomed."