Wally Erb

After roundly criticizing VNS municipal blogger Wally Erb for initiating a petition drive to force the light rail issue onto a ballot next year, the Virginian-Pilot went public putting the question to readers in an unscientific poll.

It was just another attempt by the liberal establishment media to marginalize issues and policies it and Tidewater opposes.

In this case, the snake bit them back.  Late Monday, the results showed that 63% of the Pile It's readers agreed that a referendum should be held.  Apparently they agree it should be held now, since that is what Erb's petition calls for.

Some members of council and the Pile It, believe the referendum should not be held until 'after' the fact - after an EIS study and heavy lobbying by Norfolk-Virginia Beach light rail 'friendly' forces with monetary backing from high-powered, self-interest developers and businesses

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