Bob O'Connor

Remember the TV ad with the cable guy and the Verizon guy, taking customer comments  about how much better Verizon FIOS is than cable?  Finally the cable guy says, "Why are we asking customers (what they think) anyway?"

Well that's the Virginia Beach City Council's modus operandi.

As Bob O'Connor points out on his blog, council has a history of requesting public input and then totally ignoring it was ever presented.

Now it insults citizens who want a petition to request a light rail referendum - until after a decision is made by an Environmental Impact Study, instead of letting the referendum results become a part of the EIS.

Council has a history of belittling wishes or opinions of the public.  Remember 31st Street hotel/park issue?  They literally held a 'midnight' session to replace one Economic Development member with another so the council could be assured a favorable vote for the 31st Hotel after citizens soundly trashed it in a referendum.  Council ignored the whole vote.

Read Bob O'Connor's "Citizen Involvement" - Virginia Beach style.