DC Sniper


GREENVILLE, VA - - In an unexpected move, John Allen Muhammad, convicted of murdering 10 people, in a sniper killing rampage in 2002, was moved early to death row in anticipation of his Nov. 10 execution.

Known as the DC Sniper, Muhammad had been incarcerated at the Sussex prison facility.  It is normal to move inmates to death row about 10 days prior to their execution date.

Prison officials took the unusual step of moving Muhammad on Sept. 29 to the prison here, site of the state's death chamber.  One source said the move was made to minimized adverse publicity.

His lawyers will file a request to have his death sentence reduced to life in prison on Oct. 22, but Gov. Timmy!, a death penalty opponent, has already virtually ruled that possibility out.

He said in a recent radio interview that he saw no reason why Muhammad's execution should be stopped.

He told WTOP's "Ask the Governor" program on the same day that Muhammad was moved, ""I know of nothing in this case now that would suggest that there is any credible claim of innocence or that there was anything procedurally wrong with the prosecution,"