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President Obama

NORFOLK - - In the final throes of a hard fought scramble to save Democrat party face in the upcoming November gubernatorial election, Creigh Deeds is bringing in  his big gun:  President Barack Obama on Tuesday for a rally at ODU, sources told VNS Wednesday.

The Washington Post had reported Tuesday that failure of Democrats in races in New Jersey and Virginia would spell deep trouble for the Obama Administration and Democrat Party at a time Obama's health care plan is struggling.

Numerous other 'balls,' including the economy, jobs, decline of the dollar, and Afghanistan are also being juggled by a shaky administration as Obama's public popularity continues to decline on almost all fronts.

It was also reported Tuesday that Deeds, running 14% points behind GOP opponent Bob McDonnell, was abandoning campaign changes aimed at attracting Republican malcontents and independents in favor of going after the  state's hardcore Democrats in the final days of the campaign.

Earlier in the campaign, he'd distanced himself from the top guy in the White House in an effort to pick up Republican and and independent support to overcoming McDonnell's growing lead.

Sources told VNS that Obama is coming to the Ted Constant Center at ODU on Tuesday between 2-3 p.m. for a rally to try to give Deeds a boost just a days out of election day.

The exact time and details will be announced later.