Obamacare is a sure recipe for the destruction of Capitalism. Our financial system can’t support Obamacare. No matter. Tom Harkin, Senator from Illinois, tells us we’re going to get it whether we want it or not. You see, when the capitalistic system collapses, millions will turn to the Federal Government for survival. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid will be standing there with Socialism. Redistribution of American wealth is the name of the game.

2010 will bring political change to Washington, but by then the damage may be done.

What change? you ask. The Troubled Asset Relief Program ( TARP ), was cooked up under the Bush Administration. This is a government program to purchase assets and equity from financial institutions to strengthen our financial markets.

It allows our Treasury to buy illiquid, difficult-to-value assets from the banks and Wall Street. In other words bad paper, which was caused by Congress to begin with. It all started with that Community Redevelopment Act under Jimmy Carter. The Clinton Administration gave it steroids, which resulted in our housing and banking collapse.

President Moonbeam and his czars are doing the same thing, but to the extreme. Here   are some examples. International Climate Czar ( pushing hard for Cap & Trade ). Auto Recovery Czar ( black radical anti-business activist ). AIDS Czar ( homosexual ). Domestic Violence Czar ( vicious anti-male feminist ). Faith Based Czar ( wants a separate black nation ). Terrorism Czar ( believes in open borders with Mexico and has suggested Obama disband our US Military. All 30 czars are anti-American to the core.

Perhaps the only thing that can change Washington are our men and women in uniform.


Larry Henry

Louisville, TN