Wally Erb

The Virginia Beach Taxpayer Alliance recently announced it was endorsing only 2 candidates in the Nov. 3 race:  Democrat incumbent Bobby Mathieson and Democrat sheriff candidate John Bell.


Wally Erb contends their endorsements were made on 'revenge' rather than logic and insightful thought and consideration of the real issues of the individual candidates.


The VBTA villified Virginia Beach City Councilman Ron Villaneuva, the GOP candidate against Mathieson, in the 21st District seat, but overlooked Mathieson horrible record on the 2nd amendment and legislative tax votes.


In the case of the GOP State Sen. Ken Stolle's race for sheriff, Erb said, "In the case of Senator Ken Stolle, the group disqualified his value as sheriff because of his past Senate votes on transportation and land use. Both issues have little bearing on his acumen to be an effective sheriff."


Read Erb's  Wally's World blog, 'Political endorseents:  Apples and Oranges?  More like fruit salad" in the right hand Blogosphere column on today's front page of VNS.