I could not agree more with Wally Erb.  When I read the VNS account of the endorsement of Bobby Mathieson and John Bell - both Democrats - by the Virginia Beach Taxpayer Alliance, I wondered what the hell is this?  I go to the VBTA  meetings occasionally.  They espouse a good line, but this kind of endorsement stretches their credibility.

I understand that neither endorsee was interviewed to determine their stands on taxes, asked to sign a no-tax pledge, what their positiion was (is) on light rail, property rights, 2nd Amendment, 1st Amendment, emiminet domain, proping up the state retirement fund, dealing with the BILLION dollar IT boondoogle, confict of interest, supporting tighter election and campaigning laws among numerous other issues.


Wally Erb was right instead of these acts being an endorsment of good government, they simply were the summation of personal attacks against Villaneuva and Stolle by a bunch of disgruntled old white men.  Looks to me like they have joined what Michael Barrett has been lobbying them to become.


I think the VBTA is beyond belief.


Sick in Virginia Beach