As we have already said, the only thing worse than getting endorsed by the Virginian-Pilot is to have Obama campaign for you as he has done twice for Deeds.  Deeds now has three strikes against him.

The Democrat party has basically written off the other two candidates, for lieutenant governor and attorney general, putting all their effort into Deeds and maybe a couple house races.

Therefore, The Virginia News Source believes that the commonwealth will be best served by Bob McDonnell, for governor; Bill Bolling, for lieutenant governor; and Ken Cuccinelli.


Chris Stolle

in the local House of Delegate races, the ad campaign run by incumbent Democrat Del. Joe Bouchard against the GOP's Dr. Chris Stolle is unquestionably the most low-life, inaccurate, unprofessional, dirtiest we have ever seen a candidate support.

Bouchard is without honor, ethics, decency, or integrity - not worthy of a vote for any office
Chris Stolle deserves the votes of the the people of the 83rd district without question.

Democrat incumbent 21st District Del. Bobby Mathieson is a foe of the 2nd amendment and gun owners.  There is no way we can endorse or support his candidacy.

The biggest problem is his GOP opponent is Virginia Beach City Councilman Ron Villaneuva, a self-serving Filipino, who has never voted against any tax or fee or an increase of either since going on council.  As Neal Boortz would say, "He's about 1 French fry short of a happy meal."

But we can't have freedom without our gun rights being held sacred and Mathieson is OUT!  Voting for Villaneuva would at least get him off council where he won't do any more harm.

Democrat Peter Schmidt seeking the 82nd district seat in the house, is a strange duck.  Once a Republican, then an independent, now a Democrat. Once a protector of the environment under former Gov. George Allen, he has since become a polluter through his coal ash processing/distribution company.

That leaves Schmidt's GOP opponent Bob Purkey as the choice to pick. Bob has legislative influence, knows his way around the state house, but lacks real dynamics as a political mover and shaker in Virginia Beach. He doesn't make some people happy, but that's Purkey.

We don't think Commonwealth's Atty. Harvey Bryant has a problem, but he deserves being re-elected as well.

Doug Knack

In Norfolk we choose Doug Knack over troubled incumbent Democrat Norfolk Commissioner of the Revenue, Sharon McDonald.

In Portsmouth, we believe the most qualified candidate is the GOP's Jennifer Lee is the best choice for the 80th House District seat. A committed newcomer who deserves the opportunity to contribute to our legislature.

On the Peninsula, we choose GOP Del. Tom Gear and  Newport News lawyer Robin Abbott over (Quid Pro Quo) GOP Del. Phil Hamilton who sold the taxpayers out with a $500,000 a year appropriation to Old Dominion University in exchange for giving him a $40,000 a year job.

So Tuesday, please vote for McDonnell, Bolling, Cuccinelli, Chris Stolle, Villaneuva,  Purkey, & Lee on the southside.  On the Peninsula, give your support to Tom Gear and Robin Abbott - toss the crooks out of office - that's what you voting can do.

Then lets hold those we vote in to the highest standards.  No more self-serving politicians (ooops! Then we wake up and realize that can only be a dream).