But ole Mr. Tiger, he wont a talkin.'  Alcohol wasn't involved, so what else could have forced him out of his multimillion dollar home at 2:30 a.m. Friday in a careless panic?

It seems however, he does have another white bimbo on the side.  Apparently he and Ms. Tiger Woods were having a domestic fight.  She apparently clawed his face in a rage and took after him with one of his famous golf clubs.  

Whereupon Mr. Tiger fled to his caddy SUV crashing as he tried to flee the irate misses.  TMZ.com is reporting Mr. Tiger told a friend that Ms. Tiger 'went ghetto' on him.
Originally police were told Ms. Tiger broke the rear window out to extricate Mr. Tiger after the crash.  BUT why break out the rear window?  Was he driving from the rear seat?  Or had she already whacked it as Mr. Tiger was trying to escape?

After rejecting 2 police interviews already, Mr. and Ms. Tiger are scheduled to try again to meet with cops Saturday afternoon.

Ain't sports great?  But at least this proves VNS has low sources in high places.  But really?  Who cares?