And you must remember, these monies they are to pay for the PAST mistakes.  The PAST decades of reckless spending by your governments - at all levels.

Where else in the world do you subject yourselves to the spending whims of criminal politicians, lying politicians, people with lawmaking power over you and who can make you pay for any and all mistakes they make?

Read these stories on Virginia News Source and explain your feelings about them to me!

Government never does anything on budget and on time.  Read how many times contracts are over budget.  Read how many projects come in late (and have to pay additional costs).  Read how many times you, the citizens have to make up the difference for problems that weren't your fault.

Norfolk's light rail project, phony from the start, wrapped in lies and deception and corruption, as VNS predicted from BEFORE day one, is already 41% over budget and behind schedule before the first wheel turns on the rails.  Follow the money.  It is either stolen or mismanaged by incompetents.

Why?  Inept, corrupt bureaucrats who lied to the part time politicians, lacking smarts to make personal assessments and have to rely on corrupt staff for information The staff  controls the money flow by OVERESTIMATING success and deliberately UNDERESTIMATING cost and competition times.

Who SUFFERS? You the taxpayers who have to fork over more taxes to cover the mistakes of those involved in lying about Light Rail and all other government projects that go awry.

In Virginia Beach and Norfolk, both cities face massive budget shortfalls.  WHY?  Did the citizens not pay their taxes?  No.  Because politicians for more than 20 years have been spending an overabundance of tax dollars RECKLESSLY.

What the citizens did wrong was electing these dumb, ignorant, self-centered, bastards into office in the first place!

You, Mr. and Mrs. Norfolk and Virginia Beach Citizen must share the blame, But you can correct the problem by reading VNS, other media and voting the bastards out next election - MAKE THEM FEEL YOUR PAIN!

To solve the budget problem, the politicians want to take such drastic measures that it will force citizens to say, "NO,"  "RAISE OUR TAXES, INSTEAD!"  

The citizens should be DEMANDING competent government decisions - made by responsible politicians who must live or die by their acts - not sweep the problems under the governmental carpet and try to shift blame anywhere and to anyone BUT AT THEMSELVES!

Now (See VNS story link above), Virginia Beach bureaucrats - staff, mind your, are proposing a new trash fee to cover spending sins of the council.

REMEMBER CITY STAFF ISN'T ELECTED. Politicians are.   Politicians will make the decision to approve the fee "because we are facing a terrible budget deficit and there ain't no other way out!"  BS.  And then they'll later tell citizens, "We acted on the recommendation of staff.  We acted on the bet information we had at the time,"  never mind it was phony and lies from the start, but the blame will be shifted

Find another way out.  Fees can't be deducted from your income taxes.  Taxes can.  And bureaucrats can't be voted out of office!!!!!  Politicians can and should be!

Remember if Mayor Will Sessoms makes the same decisions, based on the same self-centered staff input at TowneBank where he's president, as he does at your expense on council:  Don't deal with that bank! Or Sessoms!


Elected officials aren't special.  They are just ordinary crooks who haven't been caught yet.

Rebel and make your opinions vocally known.  You are they ones who'll suffer.  Not your political leaders.