VNS' Holiday Publishing Schedule

We wish to take this opportunity to thank the readers for their growing loyalty to VNS and its commitment to reality-based journalism - the opposite of the pie-in-the-sky politically-correct style of our liberal, diverse-driven competitors.

We also want to take this opportunity to think all our contributors - the regulars: Skip Summer on Technology; Darl Anderson, Technology, local and international news and politics; Roy Starrin on national news and politics; Wally Erb, our featured Wally's World Blogger; and Bob O'Connor our municipal watchdog. In addition, there are our contributing photographers, X-Virginia Beach native, Jeanne Holland-Newton, now of NC; Chesapeake native, Jack Caldwel, now a census statistic of Connecticut, and Tennessee colleague Dorcas Hale; Chesapeake Bay resident Norman Harrell;

Our outside contributors, who are legion, including, but not limited to: Michael J. Barrett (of MJB sends fame) constant burr under all conservative saddles; Robert K. Dean, Barrett's opposite and a burr under the saddles big government spenders; Ben Krause, one of the best irritants we have writing in; Reid Greenmun; Henry Ryto, off to one whacky side; our top analytical writer, Al Safestein; and of course our top economist, Dr. Doug Walker from Regent University, former chief economist with the UN until he was born again.

If I've overlooked anyone, please believe it was because of my advancing age, declining mental ability, but never intentional or malicious. All of God's children have a place and purpose and we love them all.

Merry Christmas to all on Christmas eve from VNS. We will resume our regular publication schedule on Monday. Should there be major news worthy developments - more significant that the erection of a stop sign at some major intersection - we'll break-in to our self-imposed holiday silence to keep you informed. And Good Night, Chet!