Mid-East Blogger Irene

The whole world isn't bad, just some of the people in it.  This week, Irene, our Middle East blogger tells several stories of the good, bad and the ugly that typifies life in Israel's unstable environment.

These range from an attempted POW swap - senior Palestinians for a single young Jewish soldier - which Irene considers a bit one-sided to a lost autism child to a Jewish family saved from a fiery death by two Muslim Arabs to the theft of the historic sign over Auschwitz concentration camp.

The events are typical of the contrasts Israelis see in every day life in their tiny, troubled country.

Irene writes:  "And now for another humane deed, this time performed by two Muslim Arabs who had been working near a building last week, when they heard shouts for help from a burning apartment and managed to save a Jewish family from almost certain death, by breaking down the door and getting the parents and children out. When interviewed later, they said, that the religion doesn't matter "people are people". "

That prompted Irene's observation:  "Maybe if peace making was left to the 'people. and not politicians, we could achieve peace!'  Amen!  Read Irene's blog:  A Tenuous Peace - Life in Israel