Sometimes you hear from Israel and wonder:  "Is there ever any good news?  Will their people ever be allowed to live in peace, free from turmoil and conflict?"

The more news we hear from that region, the more we wonder.

Our Middle East blogger, Irene, reports from Israel that she hopes 2010 will 'be a better one for the whole world, with less violence than the previous one."  But in the next sentence she writes of reality:  Israel has already been attacked by new rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip.  And it has retaliated by bombing more of Hamas' underground 'smuggling' tunnels.  That has angered them even more.

As if that weren't enough, Irene says the leaders of the two major political parties in Israel are not 'on the best of terms."    But we can always dream.  Always hope.  Maybe someday sanity will return to society.

Read Irene's blog as the new year begins!