Called Harry Diezel, who was recovering after getting out of the hospital.  "Harry, you gonna give away $245,000 of Virginia tax dollars to Norfolk?"  "I'm not inclinded to right now," he told VNS, "adding, but I want to look at it."  Told, "You know those people at City Hall are lying through their teeth?"  Diezel said, "Yeah, I heard something about that Tuesday."


Councilwoman Rosemary Wilson after being defeated in her state senate race, told VNS, "I will never vote for a tax or fee or tax or fee increase."  She said she didn't think she'd vote to get away citizens' tax dollars.


Barbara Henley?  Didn't reach her, but a colleague said, "She'll do anything Jim Spore tells her" even though the money would do nothing to help those she represents in her rural borough.


And there may be more evidence of corruption or illegal activity today, exclusive of HRT as it prepares to release the 'final' 'real, real, cost-to-completion' numbers.  Wonder what that could be?



CTACHESAPEAKE - - All five candidates for the Chesapeake City Council have been invited to participate in the Chesapeake Taxpayer Alliance's forum next Saturday.

The breakfast buffet begins @ 8:30 and the forum begins at 9 p.m.  The group meets in Zino's Cafe at 850 Old George Washington Hwy. For more info call Al Shriner at 620-0184


VIRGINIA BEACH -- 2nd District GOP Congressional candidate Kenny Golden issued a statement applauding AG Ken Cuccinelli's action disputing EPA's proposed new carbon regulations based in fraudulent Global Warming data.

Golden said, "“This declaration allows the EPA to control private enterprise and further infringe upon individual liberties,” Golden stated. “This is extremely troubling because regulations and fines will be levied upon us by an uncaring government bureaucracy.”