Despite all good intents and desires to waste tax money on failing concepts, Virginia still wants high speed rail service.  It would be a boom for the state EXCEPT for 2 big hurtles: A major water crossing at Hampton Roads or dual projects serving the Peninsula on one side and the U.S. 460 corridor on the other - highly contentious and competitive political interests.

High speed rail  would have to link through to more transportation oriented North Carolina to be of real value.  Otherwise Tidewater will remain a deadened destination.

There has been much talk about the efficiency of the Asian and European rail systems.  They are completely different animals from the U.S. Citizens here grew up with access to automobiles and other personal transportation.

There isn't enough money in the U.S. to grow a competitive European or Asian type system within the next 100 years.

But that won't stop the federal and state conspiracies to allow fuel costs to continually increase with the desired result being to force Americans out of their autos and onto public transportation.

The government blames all energy costs on foreign forces when, in fact, the government is America's own worst enemy.  

The progression toward the goal of forcing the cost of energy beyond the affordability of Americans began with the contrived 'energy crisses' of the '70s.

In that period oil companies rebelled against artificially low price controls on domestic crude at a time it was cheaper and easier and more profitable to purchase it from the Mideast.

But once the oil companies got the government to dump price control, the greedy capitalists then expanded the country's dependence on cheap, good-grade Mideast supplies while leaving domestic resources capped and in the ground.

Coast and Geodetic Survey estimates that are a hundred years or more of easily recoverable fossil fuels in the U.S. and even more that would have to be recovered by more complicated means.

To solve a simple problem of supply, demand, and the environment, we are allowing idiots to develop their daydreams with our tax dollars.

Drake should be able to answer some serious questions at Saturday's meeting.