It seems that his political path has been paved with hopes of getting a cushy judgeship appointment; the first time when he ran for city chairman and a second time when he withdrew from the 2nd district race.

More than a year ago, he was the first to announce for the 2nd District nomination, but later with when car dealer Scott Rigell entered the race, with the national party's support and backing,

Smith withdrew thinking that his support of Rigell would nail him a Virginia Beach judgeship, but it was a deal only he was privy to.  He didn't get anything and then threatened to get back in the 7-way race.

Now, an email from the Hampton Roads Tea Party says that black 3rd District candidate Colby Dillard, a not-so-successful political player, had asked the tea party to support Smith.  Dillard said others would withdraw, giving the nomination to Smith.  

Karen Hurd, chairman of the HRTP, wrote, "This is a disgrace. The GOP already writes off the 3rd district as an automatic loss.  People there already feel horribly unrepresented.  To choose Chuck Smith, who doesn't even live in the district, is adding insult to injury.  It shows a complete disregard for our Republic, and the election process."

Hurd said the HRTP emphatically rejects such a plan.  She continued:  "In the strongest possible terms - NO.  If you choose to pursue this course we will work against the GOP in the 3rd.  We will work to support any candidate but Chuck Smith.  The 5th District GOP tried this and the tea party took them on.  We will do the same in the third.

"This course of action on the part of the 3rd District GOP is unethical, unwise, and shows a complete disregard for those in the 3rd District seeking to unseat Bobby Scott."

So parts of the GOP tries to shoot itself in the foot again!