VIRGINIA BEACH - - The Virginia Beach Taxpayer Alliance (VBTA) has asked city council to reject proposed parking garage parking space swap with beachfront developers Bruce Thompson and Edmund C. Ruffin. (See story above.)

The John Moss, chairman of VBTA, wrote the council:  

"Dear Mayor and Members of City Council:

"The common sense imparted to most of us by our parents to discern ethical from unethical behavior leads to only one conclusion with regard to the "Gold Key" (Thompson and Ruffin) proposed deal with the City of Virginia Beach -  it deserves rejection on its face.

"The fact that the City Manager has advanced this ill-conceived and unethical proposal this far, is the most concrete evidence of just how self-serving Mr. Spore and his inner circle have become.

"The Board of Directors of the Virginia Beach Taxpayer Alliance strongly encourages each member of City Council to stand tall and just Vote No to a bad deal.

"City Council's consideration of VBTA's position is appreciated.  VBTA will be informing our 900+ members of the outcome of the vote on this issue on Tuesday, June 22, 2010."

The council's normal M.O. has been to vote the developers' interests, rather than what the citizens want.