VIRGINIA BEACH - -  2nd District Congressman Glenn Nye was guest speaker at Saturday's Virginia Beach Democrat breakfast , but not without a minor dust up.

And he did nothing, but rally the troops and dodged all substantiative issues such as gays in the military, energy, Afghanistant,  whether in retrospect he now favors Obummercare which he was given a pass to vote against by the  Democrat House leadership.  He did say he fully supported President Obama.

The dustup came when his campaign/press people and  Democrat party chairwoman Susan Mariner attempted to ban the news media from recording the event and Nye's comments.   But the issue was resolved and Nye's comments recorded. 

So he turned to cheerleading, telling the approximately 50-70 people in attendance: 

"We've got a battle ahead and it is one we need to win and it is one we're going to win.  It's going to be a tough fight this year.  We've been preparing for it since last year. 

"We're motivated and we're connected with the voters on a one-to-one basis.  

"And what are our opponents doing this weekend?  They're hanging out with Sarah Palin.  

(He was referring to an event at ODU featuring, X-GOP Veep candidate Palin, conservatives illuminaries, X-GOP VA Gov. George (Macaca) Allen, Former Marine Ollie North, and singer Lee Greenwood - at Constant Center FreedomFest).

"Our opponents are going to run a campaign that sounds a lot like this, 'our guy's a business moderate businessman who's going to bring sensibility to the congress.'"

Nye called the ODU appearance a meeting based on 'hate.'

"If you look at what they are doing this weekend," Nye explained,  you'll know what they are really doing.  We don't need that kind of intolerance, that kind of hate-driven activity here in Hampton Roads."

He recapped his campaign activity to date:

"Some of the things we' ve done up to today:  Knocked 5,371 doors, 6,257 calls and almost 2,000 contacts made … Now we have to get up to about 200,000 contacts made, so we are up to about 2%…".

Thanked workers in the group. But the only issues discussed were in the form of answers to 2 questions.

To a question about the summer jobs bill killed in the Senate, he said,  "Yeah … we know there are a lot of priorities and we're trying to move forward and I supported that bill when it came before the house … I believe in that program…but its a tough environment right now for cooperation in Congress and I'm afraid it's not going to get much better next year. We've got to make sure is that we have the strength to bring our ideas forward and not let the other side get strength and bring their ideas forward.

"You'll see me talk a lot about military issues…winning the battle to keep that aircraft carrier here….There are a million different issues a member of congress can work on over the term of a year…tough to talk about all of them.

I pride myself on working very hard for individual people in Hampton Roads regardless of who they are.  I try to spend a lot of time on constituent services and that's not the part that gets the headlines, but it takes a lot our time.

Our first job is to serve…and I take that very seriously.  I will be talking a lot about military affairs throughout the campaign.

He said he also supported Rep. Bobby Scott's Your Promises Bill.

He quickly exited the event to avoid the media.