The 35-cent solution.  A quick end to a situation that local dumb-ass cops would have used to shut down the entire city so they could practice their SWAT 'behavior' and 'language.'

Going around the Internet is an email purportedly showing a Asian (Taiwanese or Chinese) sitting in a window, with half his body hanging out,  with a young boy saying, "I have 3 demands or I will kill the boy!"

The second pix shows negotiators through the window of an adjacent room, 'assessing' the situation.

In the third pix the 'head' negotiator is shown leaning out the window talking to the hostage taker.

The 4th & 5th pix show the negotiator killing the hostage taker with  two shots from his pistol.  

The 6th pix shows the hostage taker lying dead floors below the window on the ground.

The email ends with this moral of the story:  

"In this country, and any western country, we would shut the street down for 48 hours, take 12 hours to talk him out of it, spend $5 million giving him a fair trial, and pay his food and lodging for life. No wonder their products are cheaper than ours."

Yep.  In our country it is no longer 1 riot, 1 TX ranger, but a bus load of heavily armed ego-manic SWAT whackos playing social workers and cops.

The VNS editor was in France in the early 60s during the Algerian uprising.  He was shaken out of bed in a hotel across the street from a bomb exploded in a jazz club on the West Bank.

Later sitting at an outdoor cafe in Orleans, France having a glass of wine about 9 p.m., the club across the street suddenly erupted in a violent brawl with fighting and people flying in every direction.  It had old west style swinging doors.  Within 5 minutes a National Gendarme - leather clad cop on a Triumph motorcycle road up to the front of the bar.

Swinging his leg over the bike, he simultaneously pulled a submachine gun out of his saddle bag.  Pushing the door open, he entered firing the weapon into the floor, letting the natural velocity to raise it square in front of him.

People scattered out windows to the side of the gunfire and out the rear and front doors.  The big mirror behind the bar shattered in a million pieces. Seeing that all was well and quieted down, the Gendarme walked outside, replaced the gun in the saddle bag, swung his leg over the bike, fired it up and rode away.

The editor admiring the guys guts, ability, said, "You know, I wonder who'll file the police report on that one?" as the Triumph roared down the street.

America does things differently because we don't have any police with the ability to make good, fair, quick judgements or supporting policies