Dean said any candidate not appearing Saturday will be represented by an empty chair, to which questions will be addressed, and ‘no response’ will be recorded in each no show case.

The Hampton Roads Tea Party has apparently sold out its position and policies to the Rigell campaign after Rigell agreed to sign a pledge presented him that wasn’t presenters to the other candidates.  The HRT’s 1-woman organization implied an endorsement of Rigell in a new report of the pledge signing.

However, if that’s the case it is 180-degrees out from the HRT’s previous condemnation of Rigell who donated $1,000 to Obama, $10,000 to a campaign to approve the highest sales tax increase in the state’s history; and donated $1,000 to Democrat U.S. Senate candidate Mark Warner; and supported an un-elected regional government concept to oversee transpiration (which was ruled unconstitutional by the courts).

Neither Golden nor Nye game any campaign contribution to the Obama campaign.