One example that comes to mind is when I had the water and electricity turned on. Now realize that I have chosen the most exquisite “fixer-upper” that I could find. There were hardly any windows. The only heat is a fireplace. The stove and refrigerator were both missing. But it is sitting on 13 acres with access to two irrigation ditches and river-front.

Back to the utilities – The electricity was no big deal. I just had to be the one to flip the switch.

The water was a whole ‘nother matter. First of all, my house is a mile off the main road, so when the fellow showed up to turn it on he gravely said that if I ever had a large water bill “I” would be responsible for digging it all up. OUCH!! Then he and I checked the outside water spickets and, of course, the all worked. YEAH!

Then he said I needed to run into the house to make sure all the water was on. Guess what? No water. He told me there was most likely a turn-on valve under the house. “No problem,” I thought. “How hard could it be?”

I called the fellow I got the house from. He said, “Just climb under the house and head north. You can’t miss it.” Easy enough, I thought. Yeah, right.
I climbed under the house about noon the first time. I could not find the valve, but I did get covered in dried cat poo-poo, ripped a pair of my favorite jeans, and lost my extra magazine full of ammo out of my back pocket.

If I never got the water on, I just had to go back under the house and fine the magazine. So I went a second time, headed north, found the magazine, but still not the turn-on valve. I called the fellow again. He was now starting to sound like I must be the most backwards person he’d ever encountered.
After climbing under there four or five times, I just kept thinking, “If my Momma could take care of sewer lines, frozen pipes, tearing out walls and rebuilding them – all before Daddy returned from one of his sales trips, surely I could get this water turned on.”

Finally, at about 4:30 pm the sun was getting low in the western sky, so I decided to try one more time. Since it was getting dark under the house, I had to do most of the searching by braille. The water pipe, once found, was not hanging like most pipes under the floor joist, it was running along with the joist. When I finally found the turn on valve, it was on top of the pipe hidden in between the floor joist and the floor. Finally I had water.

Now, I am waiting for all my new windows to come and be installed, get my lower field ready for a garden, and get a pen ready for the horses, and get at least one goat to get rid of all the brush.

Welcome to MY life!!

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