Well there are a lot of Stolles involved politically in the city, along with the Commonwealth’s attorney, for nobody to know anything about this case or take action against the club.

Commonwealth’s Atty. Harvey Bryant said he didn’t know anything about the joint until receiving an email from a person connected with a bingo parlor.

That’s unusual because Stolle’s brother, Colin, is Bryant’s chief deputy prosecutor.  Another brother, Chris is a member of the House of Delegates, and yet another brother, Edward, a lawyer with Kaufman & Canoles, is the registered agent for the Sheriff  ‘foundation.’


Stolle letter sanctioning gambling joint - Click to enlarge

In a letter to Shannon Canard, of Charitable Communities LLC, Stolle on official sheriff's department letterhead wrote:

“This letter is to confirm my intention to partner with Charitable Communities, LLC as the professional fundraiser for my non-profit, the Virginia Sportsmen’s Foundation.”

Charitable Communities LLC is listed as having a gaming and lottery business at 4020 Bonney Road, but the phone number listed is no longer in service.

The sweepstakes would be using Hest Technologies ‘Donate Zone’ Sweepstakes Management System hardware and software to promote  contributions to the foundation.

“As you know,” Stolle told Canard, “the Virginia Sportsmen’s Foundation offers several programs to help accomplish its mission, ranging from land conservation to educational program to hunting and fishing opportunities for disabled … veterans….

“Obviously, with such far-reaching programs, the Foundation requires professional, cutting edge fundraising support.”

Then Stolle drops his political bomb:  “As you know I am sheriff of Virginia Beach.  Because of my position, I had to strictly examine the Hest Technologies…system to be certain it complies with Virginia Code…I wanted to be able to provide such partners with assurance from experts that the Hest System does, in fact, comply with relevant state law.

Based on information he received and his own opinion (what about brother Colin’s opinion?), the sheriff wrote, “Therefore, I feel that I can ask retail partnersin my community to support us in this effort, and I look forward to a long and productive relationship with Charitable Communities, LLC and our retail partners in the Virginia Beach Community.

Ironically the letter is undated and does not contain an address for Canard at Charitable Communities LLC.

One source questioned why Stolle used official sheriff's department letterhead instead of letterhead of the Virginia Sportsmen's Foundation.  "Very strange that it is undated and contains no address for the partner."