Just as the nation doesn't know how to fight a terrorist enemy that claims no national identity to declare war against, Americans don't know how to fight the domestic social and sexual wars against fanatical ideologies that claim no religious identity to target as they do Christianity.

Our greatest hinderance is thinking we have to fight against an official title – nation or religion – instead of the evil itself. In both cases, the government and judiciary, confused and paralyzed, allows the brutal enemy to advance unabated. 

In the midst of the devastation, we totally miss the fact that they all indeed declare an imposing identity that they proudly wave in defiance. This is the way we recognize a devout and unified force in the modern world.

Ira White - Portsmouth


by Catherine Crabill - Special Columnist - VNS 

Irvington, VA

Now sits ‘Caligula’ of America, crazed with unchecked power indulged him by either the seduced or blackmailed on the Left and Right. 

Such lunacy was earlier masked by cleverly drafted propaganda and the mitigation of collective outrage by the likes of Zuckerberg of Facebook fame, caught suppressing/censoring opposition to dishearten the resistance. 

In Obama’s most recent ‘unmasking’, he has decreed that all modesty, privacy, and sanity, be most visibly and brutally raped by forcing men and woman, boys and girls to share bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms in every public school or lose federal funds. 

So vehement is he in this assault on sanity that he has involved the Justice Department to insure its compliance. [Click Read More below for rest of the story]


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The Department of Defense has blocked 4th District Rep. Randy Forbes from using the carrier, Eisenhower, for a public political rally under the phony guise of an Armed Services committee hearing. 

Forbes hearing was scheduled for Monday, but DoD objected to using the carrier as a site and backdrop for his personal political rally. 

It was a decision that Forbes should have known to be illegal use of government assets for personal political purposes. 

DoD told him he could conduct a ‘private, closed’ hearing aboard the carrier, but not the publicly one he’d planned. [Click Read More below for rest of the story] 


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by Ira White - Columnist -

05-20-16-TempleSpecial to VNS

religion (riˈlijən) nounthe belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power

details of belief as taught or discussed

a pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance

There's a new religion on a crusade to convert the country, but it is flying under most peoples' radar. We are also learning that supreme beings are not a requirement for religion, though ideology, principles, and lifestyles are. One can conveniently choose to excommunicate gods from personal beliefs, but not the other three. They are an inalienable part of our existence and will be evident no matter what belief system is professed.[Click Read More below for rest of story]


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by Ira White

Special to VNS

Radical activism – whether sexual or social – uses people, politicians, and judges as pawns to unravel society even if it destroys everybody in the process.

The data is in on one such issue... 

In 1990, homicides were at historic levels. In 2014 they had dropped as much as 85% in some major cities. The tide turned in 1994 when the NYPD embraced the concept that police can prevent crime rather than just react to it. As a result, they analyzed data, looked for patterns, and devoted resources where most needed to protect people and property.

The successful strategies spread across the country with the greatest beneficiaries being the minority communities. Based on 1990 rates, 10,000 more minority males would be dead today in NYC alone if those proactive procedures had not been implemented. 

Then in 2014, BLACK LIVES MATTER activism happened. [Click Read More below for rest of the story] 


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