The Obama era is about to end, and his presidency will make a long lasting impression on American politics.   While he and his supporters expect the Affordable Care Act to be his legacy, history will most likely remember President Obama as an icon who reignited a multicultural war. 

The disrespectful, sometimes insulting, resistance to Obama and the rise of Trump, some believe, can be attributed to the president’s race – the first black president.  True perhaps, but it is not insightful. 

To see beyond the veil of the obvious – Obama’s race – we need to first look at the history of the American immigration experience. 

The real story of American immigration is not what they teach in high school civics or U.S. History 101.  Rather than being the great melting pot the true story is more like a cauldron of boiling oil and water.[Click Read More Below for rest of the column]


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Lil' Bully Ben

Two of the most influential citizens groups in the city have taken City Councilman “little Bully” Ben Davenport to task for rudeness in attacking two citizens over his displeasure at their comments about transportation, telling one citizen she was a ‘liar’ and the other to ‘shut up’ at council meetings. 

Both the Tidewater Libertarian Party (TLP)  and the Virginia Beach Tea Party  passed resolutions of censure. 

Click here to read the TLP’s  resolution which states: 

“Whereas Councilman Davenport’s demeanor has b been rude, crude, ruthless, out of control, and out of character for one of his position …” in dealing with and addressing citizens; 

The TLP, …”votes to go on record censuring Councilman Davenport for his ill-tempered public behavior and unbecoming attacks on citizens…instead of accepting or acknowledging the public’s right to opinions different from elected officials…”.


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Dr. Harold Kornylak

His name is Dr. Harold Kornylak.   

His practice is based out of a quiet, isolated office. He has delivered babies.  He has done surgery.  Worked on an AZ  Indian Reservation for a couple years.  Taught at the Association of Research and Enlightenment (ARE). He avoids drugs when other methods of cure and treatment are available. He is part physicist. He’s part engineer.  Part inventor. 

But most of all, he is an osteopath. 

Nothing about Dr. Kornylak is conventional. 

He has always been a rebel, starting in childhood in a family of engineers and inventors. 

When told by his parents at 16 years of age that he could not have a motorcycle.  He told his parents, “OK.  I’ll build myself a helicopter.”  Not sure whether they believed he could do it or not, he did it . And flew it successfully without a crash. 

One patient who had a progressively worsening neck problem waited to the point she had NO mobility or ability to turn her head left or right at all finally agreed to see Dr. Kornylak. 

The pain was such she could hardly allow her neck to be touched.  She feared there was nothing that could be done without prescription drugs, but after being talked into making an appointment with Dr. Kornylak after 15 days of constant pain, she went, convinced there was nothing an osteopath could do for her. 

Coming out of his office after  an hour on her first visit, she was asked, “Well what did he do?”  “He just kinda held my head,” she said. 

“Did it hurt for him to touch your neck?”  “No,” she said, “it was just like he didn’t do anything, but I feel a little better already.” 

On a 2nd visit a week later, she came out of the office after an hour and had 95-98% mobility.  “If I hadn’t experienced it, I would never have believed it was possible,” she reported. [Click Read More below for rest of the story]


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by Sue Long - VNS Columnist

"Abide By The Constitution, Not Change It!" 

No man's life, liberty, or property is safe while the legislature is in session. 

-- Mark Twain (1866)

Recently at the United Nations headquarters in New York City, delegates, presidents, prime ministers, potentates and dictators from 175 countries including the United State signed the United Nation’s Paris Climate Accord.  It is purported to slow down what they consider to be a crisis of global warming  by reducing manmade greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide.

Translated, this amounts to complete governmental control and restrictions on energy use by every person on the planet.  The plan is for all to live in government multiple unit buildings in urban areas.   How would you like to live in a three-story walk-up small apartment with two other families, little heat and no air conditioning?  

There would be no single dwelling housing, except of course, for the powers-that–be. Automobiles would be replaced with bicycles and public buses and trains. [Click Read More below for rest of the article]


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Which crook got the money in 'ghost' oyster shell scam? Maybe the FBI should follow the money in the great oyster scam of 2014.

Beach auditor finds mismanaged city council has spent more than $600,000 on a nonexistent oyster restoration plan for the Lynnhaven River.

Oyster shells collected from restaurants have been piling up unused for 6 years. Council has appropriated $644,000 since 2002 for the Oyster Heritage Plan - a plan city auditor Lyndon Remias says doesn’t exist - a ghost-money hole of tax dollars.

Furthermore the city doesn’t have a written plan or contract with any of the various organization allegedly involved, for collecting money, managing the program -- only doing nothing.

City officials responsible the fraudulent charade, started ducking for cover after the audit was released and could not be found for comment or explanation.

This was a project of guided by former city manager Jim Spore.

For more information read: The complete Audit Report  

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